The Story of Patches:
How Do We Get Out of the Way?

Animator: Stefos of Greco Arts
Voice Talent: Greco Arts - External Artist
Theme Song:
Music: Produced by QuantumTouch


In Spiritual and Broke, I talk about, what I believe, is one of the biggest blocks to manifesting what we want.  This block is what I refer to as our “black spots” – traits that we harshly judge, vehemently dislike, or don’t want to face.  Many people over the years have told me that, because of a certain black spot, they  don’t feel like the deserve to have what they want.  Sadly, these pesky black spots are very good at reinforcing our feelings of unworthiness. 

In my case,  I’ve told myself some pretty self-destructive, antagonistic, and dis-heartening stories over the years such as:   

I have nothing to offer the world
I’m too fat
I’m a loser. 
I’m too depressed to get out of bed. 
I’m a lousy business owner
I’m a horrible speaker.  
I’ve made too many mistakes. 
Any of this sound familiar?  

I believe that these feelings of unworthiness have the power to trump any affirmation or moment of gratitude.  If we allow them to, our black spots can get in our way and even derail our entire journey. 
In the Story of Patches, a black spot threatens to disrupt Patches' dream.  Watch what happens!  


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