Cartoon Animation

2D and 3D animation service

Video Production

Product Explainer Video and other info video

Comic Creation

Comics are a great way of getting your message
out to kids and adults alike

3D Model Creation

Rigged Characters and other virtual objects
for games and animation



Welcome to Greco Arts, we are an animation studio situated in Greece but serving the world. We offer a number of services in the field of 3D and 2D animation. We also create comics and other media, product videos not a problem.


We are a small team of artists, actually me and my partner work on the animation and graphics, my partner concentrates more on the modelling side and I concentrate on the animation side. We also employ external artist for voice acting and music.


Here is a list of services we offer:
1) 3D animation service (probably our most requested service)
2) 2D animation service (this comes a very close second)
3) Comic Creation / Web Comics (Comics are a great way of advertising or educating not only for children but for adults as well)
4) Model Building (Used in most areas of our work, including 3D animation, Poster design, Game  models, and even comic creation)

5) Video Production (Product explainer videos and information videos)


We offer Christian Religious Groups and good causes special discounts, please check out our discount page. We also offer a discount for repeat customers and feature length video, please see our discount section for a full list. 


We can use up to 4K textures on your characters models making for more realism. These models can be used for games and animations.


We don't just create 2D and 3D cartoon type animations we also work towards creating realistic characters for 3D animation and games, not only that we also work towards creating models of real people like Hollywood actors.


Using the same tools we can create comics, this is a great media for advertising, education for adults and children. Comics can also of course, be used for simple entertainment.

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